Tackle your To-Do's with ease & joy. 

Focus with new friends and enjoy your newest productivity superpower - the Focus Bubbles™ community!


A little bit of accountability is powerful. We're not talking 'feet to the fire' sort of pressure - just some gentle support from your fellow Focus Bubblers to help with intention setting and follow through.

Focus Bubbles are hosted virtual coworking sessions to:

  • Harness the power of connection.

  • Discourage distraction.

  • Achieve deep focus.

  • Get great work done, from anywhere.




Calling all creative, curious and intelligent 'knowledge workers': if you are great at blocking task time in your calendar but perhaps don't always honour it, then Focus Bubbles are for you.  And if you suck at planning your time, they are also for you!  Let the Bubble schedule support your success.


We can all benefit from the simple magic of commitment and accountability. Work alongside leaders, executives, writers, entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers, medical professionals, artists, students, and more.

Whether you work from home or a busy office, you will appreciate the connection, motivation and support provided by your fellow Focus Bubblers.


Please take a look at the current weekly schedule (reflected in your local time zone) to see how Focus Bubbles™ can fit into your routine.  Prices are listed in Canadian dollars. American friends, please note you get an automatic discount because your currency is stronger! A membership is required to book a Bubble. 

Still wondering what the heck a Focus Bubble is?
Or why you should try virtual coworking?

Move from Chaos to Calm with:


1.  The power of gentle accountability


If you've struggled to complete tasks, or even start them, you will appreciate the friendly accountability inside a Focus Bubble. Enjoy a little boost from the silent presence of others to push you through a challenging task. 


“Focus Bubbles keeps me accountable and committed to showing up and working on less than desirable tasks.  The Bubbles have become part of my weekly routine that I look forward to. I also appreciate the ease of sign-up and calendar management.”

Nyomi Hauta - Health Care Business Owner 



2.  A time-defense tool to preserve your focus


Bubbles do double duty by protecting time in your calendar - holding space for specific tasks - AND preventing other demands from encroaching on your precious work time.


“I love the culture inside the Bubble - it's supportive, focused and positive. I also love how going to a Bubble blocks time in my calendar and my mind.”

Lindsay Recknell - Owner, Mental Health in Minutes


3.  Connection, laughter and learning


Let our fun facilitators guide you into a focused mindset. Connect with like-minded professionals and enjoy smiling faces cheering you on to do your best work.  We also build in micro-learning on key productivity tactics for just-in-time application and habit building.


4.  A solution for individuals, teams, departments and entire companies

We welcome everyone from solopreneurs to entire teams. We create custom schedules and programs for our corporate clients, to support connection, learning and measurable productivity.



Focus Bubbles virtual coworking membership is currently closed.



Do you have a project you need to sink your teeth into? Or maybe you need to focus on that long list of little tasks?


Choose a 60 or 90 minute Bubble and get ready to knock things off your to do list.

Hope to see you in a Focus Bubble soon!

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Our virtual community is strong because of the inspiring

people it includes.

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