"I appreciated a bit of useful 'pressure' needed to keep going on my tasks. It stopped me from taking the distracting breaks that I'm prone to do."

Jayna, HR 

"I received the acknowledgement I needed as a self-employed person who doesn't get much in the way of "pats on the back" for taking care of planning, administrative tasks and running a business."

"If you have trouble making time in your day for quiet thinking work, then Focus Bubbles™ are for you. Dawn skillfully develops a community that promotes getting sh*t done!"

Focus Bubbles™

Louise, Consultant

Focus Bubble Participant 

Kate, Writer

"Who knew that sitting at your desk on a video call with other people working away would up your productivity by some insane percentage?

Well it does!

Try Focus Bubbles! You might be surprised how much you get done."


"Since using Focus Bubbles, I feel like I have more time in the week. And somehow more energy as well. Its a bit of magic"

"I was feeling a bit under the weather today and I honestly could have checked out, but having this in my calendar kept me going and I accomplished the bulk of the policy I had hoped to work on."

Caireen, Designer

Gemma, CEO

Kate, Writer