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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Whether you’re in a corporate office or comfy in your home office, we know the stationery you use is important. It can be an extension of your creative process, or simply the essential tools for daily productivity. And to be honest, we get amped about it – is there anything better than writing your goals in colour coded ink that flows freely from a comfortable pen? Or organizing your projects and clients by notebook… or maybe, best yet, erasing a completed goal off the whiteboard with one swift swoosh. *Bliss*

There’s a lot to get excited about. But let’s start with the basics. You know, the core supplies that will support your everyday function but also compliment the modern farmhouse-style office you’ve been designing since March 2020.

Essential Office Goodies for Personal Productivity

Maybe not the most glamourous, but let’s be real, these supplies do the heavy lifting. From egg timers for the Pomodoro time management technique to multicoloured sticky notes for priority setting, make sure you have essentials that fit your needs. Here are a few of our favs:

  • Quality notebooks: Plan out what you’ll be using notebooks for – do you need one for each project or client? Paperweight and lines are something to consider as well. For some, doodling while thinking a project out is a big part of the creative process and lined paper just might impede that. Poppin notebooks are some of our favourites. Particularly the shiny covers with built-in pocket for all your brilliant thoughts and secret notes.

  • Pens, pencils, or felts: Some of us have preferences in ink flow while others are comfortable with a classic Bic pen. And since most writing happens on a keyboard now, you might find yourself getting particular in penmanship. Some even prefer the erase-ability of pencil and the nostalgia of sharpening them. Muji pencils are a great addition to your pencil case.

  • Backup drive: Often overlooked, every home office should have capabilities to protect data. Convenience with cloud servers is great, inexpensive, and accessible but should be paired with an external backup too. Large-size portable drives or personal servers are relatively attainable and worth their weight in gold in continuity insurance.

  • Desk plants: Maybe unconventional but the benefits of a little office greenery include increased productivity, focus, and happiness. Head to your nearest plant store and bring in some nature. We love succulents and cacti for easy care.

Bring the Fun with Design Savvy Stationery

This is really where you shouldn’t spare the flare. Supplies like paperclips, sticky notes, and staplers can be accessorized to your favourite colour and give a boost to the mundane and why not, right!

  • Pencil case: Having a tote to store all your pens, erasers, and small pieces can make travel – whether to the patio ‘desk’ or to and from the office will help your routine. Check out Herschel - a Canadian company known for backpacks - they also have a wonderful pencil case.

  • Whiteboards: Stay on top of task management with colour-coded markers and categories for visual cues and organization. Be sure to check for second-hand options for better pricing.

  • Sticky notes: These coloured stacks of paper that we love to jot on and rip off from surfaces have made the list of most stolen office supplies. While we’re not condoning theft, we do encourage you to stick and rip at free will. We use one sticky daily to list our MITs - Most Important Tasks - for the day, to help avoid overwhelm.

Next-Level Work From Home Tools

This is where things get exciting. The ability to customize all aspects of your desk to suit your productivity style will have a longstanding impact on your work. So, consider what would make your 8-5 better, and invest in what’s important.

  • Noise-cancelling headphones: Minimize your distractions with appropriate headphones, and in-between calls, pump up your favourite inspiring tunes or find an ambient work playlist.

  • Stand-up desk: You’ve likely heard the warnings about sitting and the long-term impact on our health, so invest in your health. There are various styles that can oscillate between sit and stand and meet any budget.

  • Coffee station: Gone are the days of sipping office sludge just to feel alert. Whether it's tea, espresso, or just plain coffee that makes you groove, make it the way you want with however many pumps of vanilla sweetener you need to.

An Organized Space is a Productive Space

No matter if you’re working from home permanently or moving to a hybrid work schedule, your desk and workspace should be set up to limit interruptions and simultaneously let your creative output flow. Make sure you outfit yourself with supplies that are intuitive to your work and work to attain a balance of time with scheduled Focus Bubbles for maximum productivity.


Dawn O’Connor

I have over 30 years of experience working with more than 10,000 clients in helping people unlock their productivity potential. Personal productivity is my passion! Every day I am curious and excited to learn what people are working on. I can’t wait to see you in a Bubble!

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