Behind the Bubble with Lindsay Harle-Kadatz

Lindsay Harle-Kadatz is always unabashedly her quirky self, something that she’s been able to build a business around.

Coming from a corporate marketing background, Lindsay recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of her business, The Write Harle.

Her business focuses on brand messaging, content, and strategy, especially for family businesses in generational transitions, who are “needing to understand how to marry the voices of the generations, the outgoing with the incoming, so that there’s ownership and buy-in.” Lindsay helps her clients, and their families, stay happier while honouring existing legacies and bringing their companies online.

Lindsay’s personal and professional lives are deeply intertwined, in part due to her struggles with mental health, something she discusses frankly and openly.

“I had mental health hiccups, right? I ended up having to go on leave because of my depression and anxiety. I had an eating disorder that needed to be acknowledged and addressed.”

After getting the help and support she needed, she began her business and found that the more open she was about who she is, the more people felt connected and the more impact she had. This became especially important when her husband began his own mental health battle following a career-ending injury in 2018.

“When your entire future is stripped from you suddenly, what do you do? So that’s what clients started asking me about.”

Since January 2020, Lindsay has operated a mind management business called Quirky Lindsay Harle. She is a mind management coach for “quirky entrepreneurs and creatives” and a mental health advocate and speaker. Mind management involves understanding one’s own mind and behaviours, creating empathy and compassion for oneself, and then giving that same empathy and compassion to others.

“I understand mindset, I understand behaviour. I understand how to connect your values into your mindset, so you can turn that into behaviour, so you can take action that matters for you, for your goals, for your purpose, for your priorities.”

Although she’s run her own business for a decade and was confident in her ability to focus on her own, Lindsay has found that Focus Bubbles have had a significant effect on her and her business.

“I went to one and it converted me completely, the power of the energy, the group, the positive things that come out of people’s mouths. I just shake my head at Lindsay from March 2021, being like, ‘Oh, you had no clue how powerful the Focus Bubble would be and change your life.’”

Although she says she has a long way to go with where she’s looking to grow her business, Lindsay is proud of the work she’s doing and the effects it’s had.

“What I’m doing now is shining light on people’s darkness without making light of the dark, and that’s how we gain traction.”

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