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Updated: Jan 24

Caireen Kennedy has always believed that “good design should be for everybody.”

Freshly back from some away time, Caireen, the principal designer and owner of Shift Modern Home, is ready for a shift – no pun intended.

Although she loves her work and wants to remain in the interior design space, Caireen is looking at ways she can deliver things in a digital or remote capacity.

This, coupled with her conviction that good design should be for everyone, was the inspiration behind The Pally Box.

“The Pally Box was my response to the number of inquiries that I get where people just do not have the budget to hire me but may have the budget to do a fairly extensive renovation,” she says.

It contains finished design palettes already put together so that customers can “play around a little bit” and decide how to manage their renovations.

“The Pally Boxes have every finish you would need for a renovation, whether it’s your kitchen, your bathroom, entry, whatever it is,” says Caireen.

“Anything that’s not furniture, it has.”

This desire to shift her business came after what Caireen describes as a “really, really tough year, mentally and physically.”

Business was booming, but she wasn’t looking after herself and decided that something had to change in 2022, for her “own enjoyment of life.”

She recently hired a marketing coach to help her bring The Pally Box to the public.

“I feel hopeful, but I’m also a tad terrified,” she says. “You suddenly get a glimpse of what’s possible and then it kind of scares you. My natural inclination is to step back, but I think now is the time for me to step forward and into the next thing.”

Caireen credits Focus Bubbles with getting her out of bed in the morning and bringing structure to her week. She especially enjoys what she calls the “water cooler moments” before the Bubble, “the five to ten minutes to check in with people.”

“As a solopreneur, it’s just been really nice to have that point of connection with people,” she says.

Moving forward, Caireen’s main goal is to make sure her work “fills her soul” and “excites her every day.”

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