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Focus Bubbles started as a series of impromptu virtual work sessions to help my clients who were struggling with their remote work situations. For many, working from home was unfamiliar territory. For others, the addition of children or spouses to their work-from-home routine made finding time to focus challenging.


What has emerged is a welcoming, thoughtful community of familiar strangers who genuinely look forward to working ‘separately-together’ inside the Bubble.  Our collaborative community ensures productive outcomes, or at the very least, helps you get through those dreaded tasks on tough days.

No matter how you show up to the Bubble, and no matter what you want to work on – creative daydreaming is encouraged – everyone joins to do their best in that moment. And my Focus Bubbles hosts and I are here to support your efforts.

Dawn O'Connor - "Personal Productivity is my Passion"


Whether I am facilitating productivity workshops, peer advisory groups or Focus Bubbles, I am deeply curious and engaged with my clients. I genuinely want to know even the smallest details of how you manage your task list or email inbox. 

I know, from over 30 years of working with more than 10,000 clients, that the tiniest shifts in habits can yield significant productivity gains.


I continue to offer productivity training and process improvement consulting in between Focus Bubbles, but hosting virtual coworking is the most gratifying job of my lengthy career helping people achieve their personal productivity best.


Every day I am curious and excited to learn what people are working on. To see the enthusiasm, wisdom and support members share with each other is a gift. 

Dawn O'Connor

Emilie Charette - Focus Bubbles Host + Content Creator

An editor I worked for once told me that journalism is full of procrastinators who hate math. Thankfully, I’ve managed to ditch my procrastination habit in favour of a more structured, efficient approach to work and school. Gone are my days of pulling last-minute all-nighters!

Research and writing are both passions of mine. I was drawn to journalism because I loved the idea of constantly learning about new topics. I am a naturally curious person interested in the hows and whys of communication and how we can use it to enhance our lives or change our world.

I also love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and getting new perspectives on life. I can’t wait to see you in a Bubble!

I am a graduate of SAIT’s journalism program, entering my last year of a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies at the University of Calgary. 


Emilie Charette 

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Focus Bubbles are right for you, if you:


  • Thrive on a bit of accountability.

  • Enjoy the predictability of having scheduled and dedicated focus time every week.

  • Want to deepen your capacity for focus by building new neural pathways.

  • Are excited to participate in microlearning opportunities on productivity best practices.

  • Want to get more work done than you could ever imagine, maybe even shorten your workday to 2.5 hours (2 Bubbles per day).

  • Can imagine getting your best work done simply by showing up!

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