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I have been fortunate to be featured on a few podcasts, to share my story and personal productivity expertise.


A few local ones are listed here, and I will share more as they air later in 2021. 

Recent Podcasts Featuring Dawn O'Connor, the Focus Bubbles Story & Productivity Tips:

Businesses are People Too Podcast, by Lindsay Harle Kadatz

What if....businesses turned off their notifications

  • The power of micro habits 

  • Tips from James Clear - Atomic Habits

  • Group intention setting 

  • The brain science behind working with others including the psychology of mimicry, and the Mere Presence Effect

  • Time defense techniques

  • The difference between work sprints and focused work session


Mental Health in Minutes Podcast by Lindsay Recknall

Solve the Productivity Problem

  • Practical, actionable advice that can help improve productivity

  • Tips for reducing employee stress loads

  • Implementable ideas for leaders and employees to improve efficiency and enjoy work

Female Founder Friday Podcast by Lindsay White

How a Pivot Lead to a Beautiful Bubble

  • Learn from the mistakes 

  • Find opportunities in challenging times

  • Know your numbers as a small business a

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I'm always happy to share my 30 years of experience in the personal productivity space.  Let's connect.

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